First World War Photo & Postcard Archive

Sept 26th 1916 - This arch is where the royal carages are driven thru but we go by the side where you see the team, It is very nice to see..
Sept. 26th 1916 - This Palace of coars looks nicer than you see it here but just the same thing the monument is fine across the street to right is the big Green Park, and to the back of the Palace are the big gardens that comon civilians or private soldiers can't go thru.
Sept 26th 1916 - This entrence to park The other big park as closed at dusk so this park gets the evening crowds which are large and coming steadily. The Weslean Methodist West end Mission is held here from 6 P,M, untill 9.30 P,M steady I have heard some great speakers here which no one could help enjoying The mission has been held under the same big tree for over 26 years
Sept 26th 1916 - I came down these streets several times generaly a very buisy center and a nice 	sight.
South Witley Camp - Sept 21st 1916 - Dear Mother These are two views of a very old church that is still standing and in good repair 3 miles from here.
London Sept 15th 1916 - This was one of our first sights and it is great all the roof is cover with bom guards so the zepelins can have no effect.
London Sept 15th 1916 - I spent a short time in this building today but am going back again before I leave for camp again,
Ash Ranges - Oct 27 1916 - I havent been to Aldershot yet but want to see it before I go back to Witley. several of our boys have been down to the Hospital for short periods we only keep the boys for two days and under in our little camp hospital I was in it 20 hours with the La Grippe, L.D.C.
1916 - This is scene on the road down to one of the villages we go to see here every once in a while. It is exactly as you see it on the card if you can beleave it. every thing is just as clan as a whistle all over here. the roads are just as clean as our city streets you should get glympse of things just as they are here. Witley South Camp
12 September 1918 - Dear Laury Hope this will find you quite well as it leaves us dad will write yoou a letter next week in hope to see you again soon Mr Rogers would like to hear from you Mr Copplestone as left us Yours as ever JD
1916 Witley South Camp (4) cut down a little but there is oceans and better cooks more variety, I think it is under the imperial system some way it is an awfull change for the better any there was such an awfull waist before and now things are cleaned up. Here we are marching to the cathedral the colors are in rear of parade. You can see a streamer in the river and the bridge in the rear. I have put a mark over the colonel there is quite a crowd on the street as you can see. I only received two letters this week but I haven’t got them both answered yet so I guess that was enough. I can’t write like I did a while ago we need a move to starte me again.
7-4-17, Witley Camp -  Dear Mother	I think they are waiting for the pictures at the court house before they took the colors away to the Bristol cathedral We are standing just back in the street. 	You see the Lord Mayor in center of doorway. Second officer to left is our colonel Two majors to right The Mayor was a good old head he come in and walked around to see and all got a good feed on Sat. dinner just after arrival. Then he gave use a good short talk. My souvenirs of the trip were lost with my haver sack but thatis nothing in war times these cards may be sunk yet by submarine,
1916 Witley South Camp -  An other scene just a few miles from here we walk out to it here often
5-2-18, Panzance - I had a good dinner cost 1-3 or 30¢ meet potatoes turnips gravy bread tea. This is a nice village a fine walk along the sea front, I had a good chat with two captains on board the ship coming over, It helped to pass the time the sceens were good most of the way at times tho we could not see the land any way we looked
1916 Witley South camp - This is one of the sights we see as we march down to Godalming and there is lots just as pretty every way you starte out. Say sister just address my mail as you did at Camp Hughes only put C.C.F. and care of Army P.O. London England rigmental no.  and Batt no. must be on it. I can’t send my address to you thru the mail
Typical scene Laurie
20-7-18 - You will see the shiverons on Bobs tunic that we are entitled to wear for service abroad we an’t due to put three up until Aug 15th and then the gold stripe for one wound Banks just borrowed the tunic for his was not as good for the occasion McKeith is entitled to a gold stripe, You will see that I am not fixed up a bit for the occasion, that is just me every day in France my puttees with out a cross in them, my belt on crooked and etc, Taken in a French garden at the back door. Bye bye as ever your loving son, Laurie
Our tent Camp Hughes Manitoba  1916. L. Cunningham rear, far right, no cap.
1916 - L. Cunningham front row, 2nd from right
Oct 1st ’16 Milford Congregational S. School. Miss Gower on left. L. Cunningham next to Miss Gower
Bramshot m. gun detachment I am on right does it look like I was getting [too fat] on army chuck 1916 fall Laurie
Writing home from Camp Hughes Manitoba 1916
In fatigues on the “Grampian: August 15th to 24th 1916 Laurie; Another print of this photo is captioned “Laurie 1916 On Transport to France Irland in the background”
At Miss Christies in England 1916  Laurie right front
Station Hazenmore 1916
1917 England - Miss Christie’s home  Laurie I rode the left hand horse, another soldier sat on the wagon seat and used a hand brake. I was with the 128 Batalion transport division, note my spurs.
England 1917 - Miss Christie’s home, I am right front.  Laurie
Mid Ocean 1916
1916 In the Mersie at Liverpool taken from the Grampian August 26th Laurie
London Sept 15th 1916 - These horses stand here just as you see them in picture only one had a white strip in face today.
I was dressing the wounded. Dirty and shivering like a rat all winter we slept in dugouts no heat or light but candles or on the ground in the trenches, raining, snowing freezing ice on the shell holes. 6th of April 1916 I enlisted, discharged April 6th 1919 I am thankful. “Bully Grenay in France” (where the photo was taken),  and the men are identified as (front row, left to right) Bob Banks and “Dad” (Laurie) and (back row, left to right) Pete Campbell and Bob McKeith.
Ash Ranges, Oct 27  1916 - We walk down this road every time we go to the Y.M.C.A. Note how close the houses are built together and how much alike they look 	Well good night –––?––?––––– to every one as ever Laurie
28 ' 1916 Hello Ted:–	This camp don't look much like our present one but, we like it any way, I walked about 10 miles yesterday looking at the town and country around here. We get a lot of drill till after we get out of quarantine Any way every one from Haz – Jake and like England fine, I will write a letter when I have more time as Ever Laurie South Witley camp
London Sept 15th 1916 - We spent an hour and a half going thru this tower and should have had half a day,
London Sept 15th 1916 - We saw this bridge but did not cross it.
London Sept 15th 1916 - This is beside the Thames, St, Pauls Cthedral in a distance, I beleave. When we past there was 3 girls asleep on bench that can be seen.
Aug 14'  1916 Dear Sister:–  We left here about three hours ago had a good march up and thru the wide streets that are lined with bit trees, This 184 mi from Halifax so we will get in to Halifax about 12 P.M. And will embark tomorrow sometime, we saw the big Dorchester penitentery about an hour ago Good night Sister will write on boat as ever Laurie (To Mrs J. E. Coleman Hazenmore Sask)
Aug 12' 1916, Dear Mother:– [First two lines mainly illegible due to faint pencil] – 2 – P.M. at –- get a ––- at North Bay. we had phy drill once this A.M. for about 15 mi. We are gettingan idea from observation what Ontario farming must be like. They are feeding us great and we have the –-less and C.P.R. N.'s agent, beside. They say we will get a 2 day's stop at Ottawa so if we do we will have some fun each of use get 2 hours guard a day so we don't get just  ____ bye as ever Laurie
or rather we were supposed to spend all A.M. at it and we killed so much time that we only got in three trips and I went once this P.M. just to get my blood criculating the rest of the time I read M.G. notes stripped the gun and read one of those W.C.T.U. educators that Annie sent me. 	I got a letter from Eula today your mail will be along tomorrow I think. It dryes up very quick here after a rain the water soaks down so quick.    I suppose Elmer will be having a good time in London these days he had my Kodak.  There is a boy playing the piano he is a good player to. but there is an other boy playing checkers and he is whistling well I hope he don't think he can whistle for he is the only man I ever saw that couldent beat me, but I know enough to only whistle when I am alone
I bot this A.M. from a man in the lines selling them I may have sent you some of these cards before but if I have just give them to Alice or Kate the view is just as I remember it on the brake with the boys. 	Today was a little colder but no rain it warms up as soon as it starts to rain always, the wind is in the S.E. and you know that they are a little now, we are cosey I have five blankets and straw tick so you know one can't freeze where there is 30 men in a room and stove going in center two windows open on in each oposit corner All A.M. we carried straw ticks about a half mile
Here we are in the police square before we took off our over coats I have marked Arthur Leeper, Bob McKeith and myself. [ Undated. Leeper 5th row back, 3rd from left; Cunningham 3rdd row, 2nd from right, McKeith 2nd row, 5th from right]