Letter to Horace from Bramshot Camp

Bramshot Camp
Nov. 7 1916

Dear Horace:–

I went down and found Elmer last night we had a good walk and talk together he is looking good, but I am afraid that he an’t as badly struck on England as I am, but he will live and is luckie to be 3 mo. later in getting here than I was. Today we went at the M.G. coarse again and all I done all P.M. was read notes and pull the gun down once and build it up again it took me 9 minutes and 25 seconds Harvey beat me by 5 seconds and we beat all the old M.G. section men by a good many seconds and some of them over a minuit they have studied the gun since last winter. Young Titford done it just the same time as I did he joined the detachment the same day as I did well supper bugel has gone so I am going to.

7.30 o/c

I just got back from Hazelmere a walk of about 3 miles and back and it rained some while I was walking but not enough to wet me but now I am home and it is pouring down, so I guess that I am lucky. I met the young lady that I wanted to see and had a few words with her just before she left for Milford about about eight miles away, she come back every A.M to work then I was in a stationery store and had a good chat with a young lady that I never saw before but she seemed nice I suppose she would flirt to beat 60 if a fellow went with her but I am not going to try her at all. The boys had a good laugh at me today I made a run at a dummy straw man lying on the ground delivered a long point with the bayonet and stuck my foot on his middle so I could make a good withdrawal but I was going to fast and went right over in the mud. I don’t know whether you can see me or not, but say we had a good laugh and the sergeant made me come back and go through the motions over again.

What do you suppose is the latest the boys have sprung on me as a church member.

Dregell was absent for 36 hours and got 7 days pay stopped and C.B. Well I new him well and he has often teased me, so I started fooling about it and he said there you are just like all the church members as soon as a fellow is down you starte to give him a kick, don’t the poor boy need to be pitied. I am liable to end him up in hell an’t I.

6.20 P.M. 8th

Well Horace this letters far from being complete yet we are going out on a martch to night and they say that is about ten miles so that will take about four hours I guess we are getting a lunch after we return something we haven’t had before, but we always by one for our return

They moved all the M.G. detachment and all signalers into the same hut today at noon so I am away from all the Hazenmore boys but Harvey and Mitchel Burns they sleep next to me Wesley Andrews is a cook now and seems and seems happy as a King at that it just his place. I am lying on my face on my bunk so will make allowance for mostakes in penmanship. Say it does me good to get Teds letters he writes so natural to how he talks that I can just see him I got mothers and his letters today last of the 17th, I hope it stayes good weather so you folks could get the threshing. I hope the price stayes up so your crop will bring in a figure after all. I met a lot of the boys in the 203 last night some of the ones that were out home for harvest but you know I am no good at remembering names

This is a very good hut to be in the boys settle down to study and you can read or do any thing with out being disturbed. Fred Barns is in here he is in the signalers and I think he is a good one to there is 30 of use in here, the foot of my bed is about 4 ft. from the stove the stove is in the center of the room. We are happy as a bunch of kids we an’t thinking anything about what is ahead of us at all any more than I am working a little to be prepared for any thing I may get up against. There is the quarter dress so I will have to get ready to go.

9 P.M.  

Well Horace I should have finished this long ago but seem very slow about it. I went out right after supper to the Hospital to see Pete Campbell who has the La Grippe. I think he will be out tomorrow also Major a lad from up the Outlook line from M.G. but is in 16 platoon. Then I went down to see Elmer but he was out playing some where so I went over to the S.C.A. and had a talk with one of the ministers then heard a service that is carried on every night, then I went into the [froinate???] room where prayer meeting is held and Sunday school we had a testimony meeting and studied a passage of scripture we held prayer and I tell you we enjoyed being in the presence of God one man an Englishman one other from Vancouver and myself. There is nothing like the Christian life I would sooner live from a year ago last June till now a Christian than till I was 60 and serve the divel. I am studeing every day to be better able to fight him and all his hellery. There is a smoking concert on in the [drimig???] to night for the boys who are going to the front tomorrow or Saturday I don’t know which the Myers boys are going to all right I was over to see them the other night. I saw Elmer for a few minuits last night before I went on the martch we had a great night last night it was a bright moon light all the time, and we walked about six or seven miles no farther I don’t think. tonight is just the same no a drop of rain which I will say is some thing a little out of the ordinary for the last 10 days since I went to the ranges. I received a letter from Miss Hurd today that makes three this week I am doing fine but I always get lots of letters it keeps me buisy to ans. them all right along I will tell you the truth I caught a little cold in my head about three days ago so I will have to dope myself up a little and get over it for I would sooner be like I have been ever since I hit here without a bit of a cough or cold of any kind. Now I want to send this tonight Horace so I will have to close for tonight


as ever your loving brother