Letter to Mother Somewhere in France

Somewhere in France 

Dear Mother:–

I am sitting around the hut this P.M. and it is a little chilly to, but there is no frost so we won't kick at a lot of this.   


We had an inspection this P.M. which only lasted about an hour then back in to the good old hut the boys have a good fire on and that makes all the difference in the world.  We got a frost last night and a little snow today but the snow is dry yet I think we may get some fresh weather now I would sooner get it the first of  March than April any way when we are in rest billets.

The stretcher bearers played the cooks a game of foot ball last night and the parade ground was wet and slipry as could be, we surely laughed to see, the boys go spraweling in the mud and a good many of them did they dident care at all, I have never played a game yet but may some day soon,

I was at one of the finest religious talks last night by a Captain Cameron. he is fine and I beleave a sincere man,

I got a letter from Bob Mc today he is in convalesent camp now he may get back to the batt'n about May 1st. I hope not sooner any way,

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