Letter to Mother from Bramshot Camp, Hants

Nov. 27, 1916
L. D. Cunningham  No. 782373
Bramshot Camp, Hants

Dear Mother:–

I don’t know who I should write to but I know if write to you they will all get a chance to read it. Last night I dreamed that I was talking to Alice I remember kissing her I don’t know wheth I just came or was leaving. Then I thot I was in our hut D.7 at my bunk and some one came in and called up a new draft every one of the M.G. detachments were called up but me, and sure enough just before dinner we were out for inspection and there was a paper brot out and they started called out M.G. D. men and they all went but Mitchel Burns and I so we are getting split up worse every week. Mitchel Burns has taken Christ for his savior just last night I saw him read his testament and kneel and pray before the boys, I was talking with him one night this week as we walked home from a service and bible study, I tried to help show him how he would have to do to get Gods help, and I think he has got it. I am praying all the time for Harvey too, it will be good to think that Mitchel changed just before him and Harvey were split up. Burns and I will be palls now when Harvey leaves we will sleep together to, I have slept alone all but three nights since we struck here it did rain today for a while but an’t raining now I was over to see Elmer at his Hut to day but he was not in so I went to the S.C.A. and talked to Rev. Payne for a while then took a book over to Stanley D. in the quarantine hut, we had a walk together then he went back and I came up to the S.A. hut here, Elmer was here so he’s accros the table now talking to a boy from Vancouver that he used to know. over 100 of our boys were called out yesterday for second draft I won’t be going for a while I guess, I hope not any way. Elmer and I had a great chat we are going to have supper together, I am going to Milford tomorrow to visit Mrs Gower for the last, until I get back from France of course we don’t guess when it will be, but I hope and pray that God will desire to bring it to a speedy close. We have our trust entirely in him it will surely be for the best what ever happens.

I have some pictures that I would like to have along with me all the time but I value them to much to take a chance on keeping them with me so I will send them to you and you can keep them for me. One is the picture of Eveline and I at the picnic west of Vanguard 10 mile. The other is of the men and me Elmer gave it to me since he came here. I can’t name the rest but if I send any more you will know why. I am going to supper now. It has started to rain hard, I suppose it will only last a few minuits.

Good bye Mother dear as ever your loving son