Letter to Mother from Ireland

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Dear Mother:

We are running along the coast of Ireland out about 10 miles I think but we were close enough a while ago to see how nice and trim the farms were kept and we saw the long winding roads up the high hill side that extend up from the sea. I would like to have you here Mother and lots of time and money we would do old Ireland from one end to the other I am pretty chilly just now sitting up on second deck. Thursday 24 hours later and sitting on second deck again with the sun shining in my face a little time 4.45 A.M. there are dozens of ferry boats running back and forth from one side of the river to the other. there is a large city on each side and about 2 miles of water between. Last night after we ancored here I lay out on some transport boxes and thought and wished you could see  me. and be able to realize how little there realy was for you to worry about even it is so impossible for you to know just where I am or how the old world is using me. On trip I was sea sick 2 days but just took it easy in my bunk and never was one bit the worse. Ready for a rout march lots quicker than I am getting any chance of it. I just parted with three different lunches and was not the least sick as long as I did not try to walk the old boat that was rocking I’ll tell you how bad when I get back. The sea gulls are thick and tame they light on the boats close to use and are so fat and nice looking. The English people seem glad to see use the way they wave and cheer from the boats that go by every few mins. Bob Banks and Bob McKeith were both pretty sick on the way over but they are all right now again. but Bob B. would sooner be home than here on the sea Bob Mc say they will have to build a rail road across before he will go back. But I won’t let them give me a chance and they soon will see me over on the train again. I was just on duty 24 hours on trip say it will be some time before I get used to writing under Military restrictions so don’t get discourage if my letters seem dry for a while. till I get on to it.

They fed use good all the way over but the candy and fruit was high at the canteen or salons. just the same as on a passenger train but I had all I wanted for $1.00 so I have $10.00 left to spend before pay day yet.

I took some pictures that I will send home if I get around to to it. I was going to get a hair cut on the boat but the barber looked to much like he was M.G. to suit me so I will get on one in England some where. that is all I know about it. My haver sack is full of a days rashens now so we will some time be on our way again.

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[Saved as 16-08-23 because the "Thursday 24 hours later" would have been the 24th, 10 days after leaving Canada]