Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

S. W. in France

Dear Mother:– 

I have neglected writing for several days but about 4 A.M. a cupple of am's ago I lit at this rest billet. and possibly the most thankfull to have completed the trip of any trip yet. But say I was feeling fine and fit physically with about five days dirt and whiskers on my face, my pants two thicknesses with good crusted mud. but after a few hours good cosy sleep, breakfast, and dinner we had a good bath change of every thing, I don't think I have a louse on me and I only found one between the last bath which was just a week before,

I got three packages last night one from Miss Pratley Edmonton, Peels, and one from Annie, Brick Anderson got 11 last night he is the only son of a widowed mother you can easily see a popular boy, he is smart, I will send you some verse he wrote and he is always spring some new version of some song. he has the best voice of any boy I have be with yet. and he puts his own variations in any place he chooses,

The M.O. Sergeant said yesterday he would be around and inspect my boys feet, I said all right sergt, my boys feet are all O.K. he said well if your boys no trench feet after that trip there is a feather in stretcher bearers hat, But I know it don't give me any credit, I just happen to have a good platoon or I could not have stopped trench feet I don't think, If I live I will do better work another trip because I have had experience now in this line and know what I should do, and have the boys do.

Bob McKeith got wounded in the face just a dandy to keep him away from the front a while, He got it in no mans land on a scouting party. Bob has got to be a good soldier so has Banks I hear the boys talking about them and that is the best way to find out these new men don't know that we are from the same town.

Well bye bye Mother dear as ever your loving son