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Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

Somewhere in France

Dear Mother:–

I am sitting in my bunk in a dugout in supports Breakfast was about eight, then I went to all the men in platoon to gather up wet or dirty socks, to turn in for dry clean ones for the boys.

Then I walked about five hundred yds down the trench for a can of drinking water, Then I shaved washed filled some of the boys water bottles, who were in bed and out on guard.

I havent written any since we come in, the place is not very suitable and the same good deep dugouts that we had in summer when I used to write, we sleep a lot, and spend from four to six hours a day on work parties that is at night. I carry my stretcher but have not had a case yet. I spent both Xmas eve and New Years eve an work parties The weather is just ideal stayes up and down on average freezing point or a bit colder just what we want for winter campain.

We don't get any papers now so don't know what is going on in the civilized world,

I may not get a chance to send out letters now any more than about ten days apart for I only have two green envelopes and may not be able to get any censored by our officers while in the line.

Well bye bye Mother dear as ever your loving son Laurie

Things are very quiet on the front these days so we may not loose many boys Bob Mc Bob Banks are not in the line this time, maby Pete C. and I will be out next trip

[second sheet no greeting or signature]

This sheet was written date of last letter. 


Brick Anderson has been going over some old pieces he memorized in high school. I was in no 1 hut tonight and there was four ministers sons there including your son, A corperol of the old Bull Moose was sitting by the stove and he and I listened to the conversation of the three. One Timberly first a tall slim boy a regular old maid sissy about twenty one intolerable to all around him, but good moral living boy, just smokes cigarettes etc, next John McCloud about twenty yrs a corperol weight 150 lbs, liked by every one that ever knew him, pure in living, says he is no angles he will own up, but fights for the highest principals, has a good effect on every one, Then the other boy has been wounded and made Blighty then just came back, a sharp fine looking boy 170 lbs a little stopped, talks something terrible and lives the life of a beast and makes no bones about it,  but owns up that there is good women which some men won't, Then I that profess to be a christian and study gods word each day to learn more of how to live but own up that I am weak and far from perfect. when they finished the corperol thot if Mccloud hadent met me that we should meet so he spoak. but we were on an advance party together once we got well acquainted I hope we get together some time again

Well to change the subject, we just had another talk on farm and homestead life. We get so far away from the real surrounds that when we here a gun we get a starte.

[upside down in ink] Jan 1st 18