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Letter to Mother


Dear Mother:–

This is the seventeenth of Ireland again. and I was just trying to think what I was doing on that date last year, I think we had just gone in on a trip on the Loose front, we got back out around the first of april and marched straight to the hutts at Rocklin court near Arras. I would sooner be here than go on as I had to then, this is living in luxury entirely, I was at the Presbyterian Church last night and heard a very good sermon Mr Wilson is on of the very best ministers I ever heard, I have only missed two of his services since I came to Moose jaw.

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I can see why some of the girls are old maids all right They havent got give and take enough to carry them on with a smile on there face ten feet.

We played some good conpetent tests and had a good lunch and a good sing song all so a few nice solos

Say Mother I can't make up my mind for sure whether I will be home on Saturday or not. but I realize I should go, I won't say but if I come I come and that is all.

Well bye bye Mother dear as ever your loving son