Letter Home from Camp Hughes

Camp Hughes
June 13, 1916

Dear Mother:–

I received a bunch of letters from home the other day, and to night I received four from different places to night. Maud says that she had intended to get married in Oct. but if her mother does not get better this summer she will not get married till spring, her letter was real good. Yesterday we started shooting on the Range and stayed with it all day today it is not hard work at all, but longer hours, we get out to fall in at 6.30 a.m. and march about a mile then we lydown and sleep 60 % of the time till we get back to supper, at 5 P.M. we have dinner out on the grass.

It did rain a little this after noon but we carry our oil sheets along and wrap up in them every time it rains.

I done very poor shooting I got I suppose 20% of the points I shot for and no more but I should worry I will go out every chance I get to shoot and run chances on getting at some other job besides fighting in the trenches when I get to the front if ever. Maud says her mother has awful cramps in her stumock  at times.

We have great times nights playing leap frog and wrestling and boxing around here like we were crazy.

The Cornels tent got on fire to night and the Guard had to help put it out. There is an awful demand for meals and mail around this camp you should see the bunch that lines up to get the meals and crowd around the P.O. shack after you get your mail you can’t hardly get out of the crowd they are shoving so hard to get to the door.

I went down to the Y.M.C.A. last night and got a book to read but I know that I  will never get time to read it so I will just take it back. Will Homback just came up tonight it is the first time that I have seen him since I hit here.

Say Mother I need to wash my hands by the look of this sheet. I washed before supper but I have eaten candy ice cream, and orange and bananas since I had supper, you will think I will bust my self by the way this sounds. But I will get used to it I think. Say I wouldent be a pte if I could help it but I would sooner a thousand times be a Pte. than a corporal or Sargent in any Batt.

Well Mother dear I will have to quit for to night because I have several things to do yet be for 10.15 P.M.

As ever your loving son

P.S. did you receive the letter I sent with the order in it.


Give this signaling card to Allan please.