Letter Home from Camp Hughes




Camp Hughes
June 9, 1916

Dear Mother:–

I am still killing time and wish I was at work again I am afraid I will be lazy when I get back to it again. I spent the forenoon down in the trees reading and sleeping and this afternoon the same way

Fred Barnes got his arm strained wrestling the other night so he is off duty and we do sit around and read to pass the time, We are getting our grub a little better ever day now and have three lines so it don’t take use so long to run through as it did at first. There is always some music very nearly from 5.30 a.m. till 10.15 P.M. and it is surely great. I like it better all the time.

I boxed last night until my nose is a little sore today, but I will be at it again to night if I get a chance, a lot of the boys went up town to night, I was up for supper last night and tomorrow is Sat. so we get the after noon off. if I don’t get a black eye before next Sat. I am going to Brandon to spend the night the train comes back about 2 P.M. Sunday. I took a lot of pictures today will send the negatives home after I get the prints I want off the first time I get them developed.

The corporal that threw me in the clink Sunday asked me tonight if I would sew some stripes on his shirt and I told him sure that I would do any thing he wanted me to and I could do what he requested he will be along here in a few minutes I think. I wrote a letter to Mildred A. today she is at Calgary out on a farm 11 miles from City. Harvey [written sidewise above salutation on first page] told me I can’t write any more to night Mother so good night Every thing is fine and the time I don’t know where it is going to.

as ever your loving son Laurie.