Letter to Teddy from Camp Hughes


Written by L.D. Cunningham
#772373 D Co’y
128th Batt

Dear Teddy:

I guess I have very nearly forgotten you, but not quite. I received your letter a while ago and I tell you it made me feel good to get it for it was a good one.

I received three letters today one from Mother one from regina about my ticket money and one from Eula so I have some letters to ans. all around and it is a good thing for I have nothing to do but kill time till tomorrow 8.30 a.m.

It is raining off and on all the time it rained pretty hard just before dinner, but it is nice when the sun shines between times. We are sleeping cold these nights but not enough to hurt use. I just have one blanket one fly over me and my oil sheet and the other blanket for a fly under me. I have no cold from the change and it can’t get any worse weather I don’t think

I am going to get C.B. for being in the Clink it is Wed P.M. and I haven’t heard anything about it since Sun. P.M. so I am off. I was downtown yesterday A.M. had a glass of milk and came back so I would be here in time for dinner. I went with out a pass so I got off all right. There is two theaters here and several restaurants and etc. to spend money but you can spend money fast enough at the canteen right here. We have all new tents in our lines but some of the lines haven’t.