Letter Home from Moosejaw Armoury

Moose Jaw Armoury
May 20 1916
[written by] L.D.Cunningham [Co’y] D [B’tn] 128th

Dear Mother:– 

I received your letter several days ago and could have ans. it yesterday some of the boys came along and we just talked at the table here

I can get off for about three days again now but don’t know whether to come home or go up to Tesear to see Aunt Hannah and Uncle Joe.

I think I will get off about Monday night if I come to Vanguard I will wire to Hazenmore and maby Humber can send the wire out with some one if not I will walk out. It won’t hurt me any infact it will do me good for that is what I would if I was here.

I am waiting on breakfast D. Co’y gets in at the second table to day. I never get hungry these days the meals are such that I can eat till I couldn’t walk away from the table. we were out on Sham battle yesterday went out about 4 ½ miles in forenoon and sat down beside the road after a while the transport brot up the chuck which did consist of a big sandwich about four inch thick with three quarters of inch of good beef between them a big slice or two if you wanted it of bread and jam enough jam for four men, then a big peace of that kind of cake I like with fruit in it had lots of currents in, and then four cows came down the road and the boys milked pop bottles full and drank then Harvey C gave me a drink that he milked, then there was the canteen you could buy all the candy and oranges and bananas you could eat.

I only have 30 ¢ on me to day I have all my money deposited thru the Y.M.C.A. here at our little post office in the corner of our recreation room the mail comes in twice a day at 10 a.m. and 3 P.M.

I don’t get time to read much there is always something to do that keeps me from it. I don’t go down town often either. I will have to just take an hour a day every evening right after supper and not let any thing get in my way for I am not going to miss the things that are going on in the world

We will have time to talk things over when I come down for I am coming home. 

goodbye your loving son Laurie