Letter Home from Moosejaw Armoury

Moose Jaw Armoury
LDCunningham [Co’y] D [B’tn] 128
April 9 [191]6

Dear Mother:–

I am getting along fine so far the meals are fine. I never thot they would be anything like they are. I am getting an appetite and if I am lucky in ough to keep from getting a cold I will be all right.

I will be home next week sometime for a month. I have not received my uniform but they claim they will have them in soon so I hope very soon for I want mine next week if possible to get it at all.

We have a half day holiday and all day tomorrow they found out to day what church every one of use belong to and no matter how tough the man he has a church, but Mother the longer I am here the worse it would seem to send a boy to fight for the old flag it is a mans job. Just on the moral side if nothing else. They took about 50 of use over to the fire hall and we all had a shower bath at the same time it made use feel good. well mother I will quit and tell you all about it next thurs or Fri. good by your loving son

as ever Laurie