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Letter home from Moosejaw Armoury

Moose Jaw Armoury   Jan. 2  1916
Pte LDCunningham D 128th

Dear Mother:–

The first bunch of the 128th boys left tonight for Camp Hughs, and we will follow on Sunday night. I am still holding down my assistant taylor job which I surely like Sargent Potts paid my my per cent to night amounting $4.50 for an hour and a halfs work over four and a half days and my army pay goes on just the same, so if this last for the summer it will give me all the money I want to spend on the side and the $1.10 a day will help pay the interest on my debts

I am inclosing fifty dollars that you can put into an envelope and put into the tin box  If you see that Teddy needs any money why let him have it, but if he don’t why have him use it this fall for paying on debts he will have an idea what to pay next after the taxes. I will take a tenth of the money I get away from it before I send it out so it can all be used in the payment of something.

It is a quarter after five and I am done supper I got off at 3 P.M. and went over to the Fire Hall took a wash and changed clothes I wear my fatigue pants ever day. I am going down to the town to night. I do not have to report for duty again until we hit camp some of the boys wish they didn’t I’ll bet.

Well good by mother I will write again before I leave for camp I think

as ever Laurie