Letter Home from Camp Hughes

Camp Hughes
June 23 1916

Dear Mother:–

I was looking thru my kit bag a minuit ago and I just thought how good I felt but my mind wandered back to home and Mother and I thought I would just like to write you a short letter. I wrote a long letter to Alice this A.M. It still rains ten of use are sitting around the tent Wessley Andrews Fred Barns Fred Nelson are playing Rummy there has been a game going by far the biggest part of the day. a lot of money has changed hands not much you know but enough so a fellow might loose three dollars or the bunch might not loose 25 ¢ apiece

We all fell in for about 15 minutes between showers it done use all good. I was just ready to get sleepy and after that I haven’t felt like sleeping I have been reading all the time, I am going to spin down to the town after a while to get a parcel from T. Eaton then I will beat it right back for the tents. I have prepared a talk for the next time I am out in the Salvation Army, we going to have some great meetings before this old war is over yet, I may follow it up straight thru. I would like to get into the Y.M.C.A. work if I could, but I haven’t had a chance to have a talk with any of our Secretaries here yet.


we just finished dinner and it was a good big one, I bot a fellow a bottle of milk and one for me to but, he went to the canteen to get. This is a good day a few clouds are going by and a few I took a shower bath we have one right in our lines

Wallie Hunter and Bob McKeith just had a water scrap and ended up in a pretty rough scrap for Wallie gets mad as the duce over a little thing.

I am going now so will have to say good bye,

as ever your loving son

I am out of envelopes so had to borrow this from Mitchel.