Letter Home from Camp Hughes

Camp Hughes
June 27 1916

Dear Mother:–

I received you letter to night right after supper, and I can't account for you beleaving the stories that you have heard about the poor chuck at C.H. for I have thought that I told you lots of times that we have lots of good meat potatoes and every day we have for one meal either turnips, carrots, parsnips or onions, and we have good soup once or twice a day. I could keep good and fat on this soup and bread if nothing else I just put the bread into the soup and then keep my butter for the last slice of bread we can go back as often for bread as we like We get porrige for breakfast potatoes fried and bacon so we eat, Mother you never in your life saw me eat half what I eat now.

29 1916

I only have about two minuits left to write we got payed to day I had the pay master send you half my pay tell me at once how much they sent because I should have had $9.00 and my check is only $8.00 so if they did not send you $10.00 I will go and see why they did not. I have to go so will write some more to night before I go on route march.      

9.15 P.M.

The route march was postponed so we went out to get a bunch of ground ceders and fixed up a floor all over the tent about four inches deep. Then the six of use treated each other and I have three treats left for tomorrow, but the other boys eat all of theres,

tomorrow we go out to be inspected in the A.M. and a big sham fight after dinner I am one of the fifty out of our company that goes infact all of our Hazenmore boys are in it.

I just got done with a dandy shower bath the second one this week. The whole Batt. was paraded down to the bank to get our check cashed this after noon.

The weather is good and so is the grub and I think I am twice as strong as I ever was before I can go out and go thru what ever they put me thru in the day time and about 9 P.M. we started out on our march we march until 12 and I just felt as good as I did when I started our in the morning the idea is to get the men so they can march with out a word and never smoke or light a match.

Did Poulton buy Elmers oxen and where is he breaking. I think we surely will not get to England before fall for there is lots of Batt. farther advanced than we are.

Well good Mother dear tell Horace to never mind writing while he is buisy but to come acrose whin ever he gets time.

as ever your loving son