Letter to Alice from Somewhere in France

Some where in France

Dear Alice:–

we are lying out in the shade of some nice trees waiting untill it is time to starte our little service. 5 of use are here tonight.

I went out on the track and ran ¾ of a mile tonight just for a change of life.

7-15-17 2 P.M. Sunday

Well Sister, I did not get very far with my letter the 13th.

I am on a m.gun section competition so we get excused all parades untill after the sports day. we have to work on our drill each day tho, we have it down very good and still getting better tho. It rained hard for several hours during the night and A.M. the boys are on a march today. Say sister I am used to good I got big box last night from Cardiff ladies Aid I had about six letters this week and enjoyed them all greatly. Annie wrote me two pages on both sides of that big paper so I know she is feeling better.

I write letters for a boy named Bishop to his sweet heart now he has a fine girl to she is a Salvationist and think of me writing these letters and reading her letters to him and etc and she don’t know that he can’t read and write. it makes realize what I miss that I havent got a sweet heart but it is a stern reality for I write to no girl now at all.

The Bristol girl I did not know long enough to continue writing to for fear later I would be sorry but she was simply a pure little dear no one could help liking here and she was not a bit foolish at all. I have thot since how army life in England has hardened my heart she was just crazy about children and I always used to be at home, but they are such unruly beggars in England and France is a 100 times worse that I havent any time to fool around trying to get rid of them after you have once owned that you see them.

I possibly will get over it when I get back home for a few days If I knew her parents and her for a period of time I would possibly keep up the corespondence but look the next girl I write to will the one I entend to marry and she will know it and I will be sincere If she an’t I will be stung te he.

Well good bye sister as ever your loving brother Laurie

Give Francis a kiss for me L.

You will find enclosed souvenir 5¢ bill.