Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

7-15-17[sic]  Some where in France
Sunday 5.30 P.M.

Dear Mother:–

I wrote quite a letter to Mrs R.D. English today, just to tell her that army life an’t as bad as she might feel it is. I liked young Bobt the best of all the boys I went to school with and still we had two fights but I could never be mad at him I dident want to fight him either times. I have spent the day pretty easy, this A.M. we were drilling out at the ranges for the compitition and this noon I pealed potatoes for 15 min. I have read a lot of bible and written two other letters that don’t seem much of a full day, I received a nice pair of fine socks, a box of good home made candy, a package of kisses a baking powder can of fruit cake some crackers lump sugar can of cocoa in package from Cardiff Ladies Aid I am gratefull and like to know it is from Cardiff instead of the town appointment.

I am lying in my bunk. the light comes up from the open side under the bunk about 2 x 8 ft. It is warmer here a lot than in Canada and I guess we are lucky when it comes to the winter campaign some unknown thing may stop it before another year.

The boys are having quite a stiff day but that will do them good I was as happy, thinking I was going with them as any thing last night but then it changed and I dident go, te he.

later Mother there is a time for a few minuits each night before I go to bed that I don’t seem to have any thing to do. I have no place for secret pray for a short time, I havent time to go away out to the trees away from the crowd and I feel that I am mostly wasting that time, I havent candles to read or write I havent felt a desire to buy candles to keep on hand and there is no use of geting into a habit and then miss it when it gets costing you more than it is worth. If you have candles a lot of the boys are so bad at borrowing stuff the maby a fourth of them you would lend and never get back

8 P.M.

The boys are just getting in off the march I am sitting on the bunk the band is playing a dandy piece they are tired.

The boys have marched about 5 miles each way and had manouvers on the parade ground there, It is good for them but of coarse they feel hurt till they get there supper te.he.

Well bye bye Mother dear as ever your loving boy Laurie

This A.M. it was most awfull muddy and now it is dry on the road.

[Note on back]
October 11/ 1925
Chicago, Ill.

I am surprised at my seeming seemingly stingy ways in the army, but then I think how my pay would only buy me four small oranges per day if I bot nothing else ever.