Letter to Mother


Dear Mother:–

I received four letters tonight, I an’t sure whether you get all my letters or not but it don’t make any difference for it can’t be helped if they don’t go there in war times

I enjoyed all of the letters don’t worry Mother just see how well I have been the last 15 months and Mother if you have kept from worrying all that time now just try to worry less each day praise God that you and I are in his book that we are his servants and the every thing that happens use is entirely in accordance with his will. will be by far the best in the end. I have been out by the trees and Charles Ricket and I had prayer and read the 1st of James a fine chapter.

Good night Mother dear my prayer tonight for you is that you may feel the confidence in the All mighty power and presence of God that I have, I can’t tell you any where near how full my heart is of promises to God for this confidence, it entirely satisfies every hour of my life, and keeps me ever reaching out for more wisdom that I may be used of God to help others.

as ever your loving son