Letter to Horace (partial letter)

[15 January 1917]

[page 3/4] he has any notion of getting a car tho for the motor should satisfy his desire to go fast for this next year,

It well be nice to get out to the S.A. meetings and they need help but the bible is the place to get the knoweledge to be able to acomplish the work there is noth that eats the heart of the sinner like the true word of God.

I am glad to hear that you folks had good luck with the turkeys I do like to see a lot of chickens and Turkeys around a farm. I have come up home there when I was just tickled to see them out in the yard say old boy if I ever get back we will turn that old farm of yours upside down and get you out of the hole if God is willing, and I would not be writing this way if I did not feel that he was.  Well make that old thresher go and pay for its self ill bet or well put it on the scrap heap right,

Well good bye old boy pray and work to be on Gods side and then nothing is against you,

Why Horace I said some thing or I might as well tell you all about it. ex Sergeant Bowser was half tanked last night and going on with a lot of silly argument against every man in the hut just before we went to bed, and I felt full of fun so, I said Bowser you have had to many pints that is all that is wrong with you, Well say that started his stream of abuse my way but God was in me around about me, and well I can't