Letter to Mother

Pte L.D. Cunningham [No] 782373
[Company] D [Battalion] 128th

Dear Mother:– Well I just put in my first day on the M.G. again to day, we just formed an other detachment of 12 men and it is all hot air but they told use that they want to use the most of the twelve for instructors, when they for the six detachments that they will as soon as they are reinforced.

I would make a nice looking instructor I guess not, but anyway I am game to sit around and pull down a gun about twice a day and build it up again, and read over a few notes, to pass along the day we have a good Sergeant again he is a fine fellow. and our new officers is a lad off a ranch out in Sask. his name is Hamilton quota quiet guy he would not know how to starte in to call a man down if he wanted to.

We are going out on a little night work tonight from seven to ten a good change for me after being in all day but the first hour this A.M. we had physical drill and it was a good bit of fun,

Mitchel Burns is sitting on the other side of the table he is the awfulest man to read the news I ever saw he sits and reads the papers from one end to the other I guess and he buys one or two a day to right along.

Bob Banks is in this detachment with me he is in an other co’y tho we will not be in the same detachment when the reinforcements come,

Our mail won’t be in till tomorrow I guess it seems to be two days slower here than at Bramshot, I can’t understand why it should be that way, but such is life in this Army at Witley. There has been frost for the last two days but it was thawing before day light this a.m. it stayed cloudy all day and tonight it is freezing a little maby 10 above zero no wind, I noticed to day this a.m. that the leaves would move back and forth on the evergreen vines at the Witly Park Lodge when we took our 20 minuit walk and duffle in our phy. drill.

I see by to nights paper the Greece has come over on our side so she can’t hinder any if she don’t help much I don’t think that I would like to trust here much tho, still she may turn a royal right thru,

Well good bye Mother dear, I enjoyed your last letter an awful lot, where you speak of receiving only part of my letter well the rest came to you long ago and I am still in England and will be for some time to come the way things look from an outword view point, but I don’t know what God has planned for me but it is a great think be patiently waiting for his call each hour, and only want to live so I can hear and obey that call.

As ever your loving son