Letter to Kate from Witley South Camp

Witley S. C.

[written above]
Sunday 14th I am still in mess eating good and having a great time as ever Laurie.

Dear [Alice scratched out] Kate:–

I wrote Alice here but then thot I would write to you and now my pen seems to buck on me.

Just let your thots drift back to above date and try to picture a canadian camp over in England sarounded by pines about seventy feet high, about 35 miles west of London with the main Portsmouth and London road running thru it. Then to the south of the camp a cluster of Officers huts and in the officers mess kitchen there are eight men who have done variouse types of work in life have been raised in different parts of Canada. we will first mention Burns sitting over on a potato sack in the corner pealing potatoes, the cook is buisy getting supper ready. The fireman is reading a story one waiter is talking to the other who made a remark to me as I read my little testament an hour ago I feel sure it will be the last time he will be bothered enough to do the same thing. On around on a table half sits a news agent about 20 years of age in officers clothes. The pantry I wash whiskie glasses and glass jam and butter dishes also nives forks and spoons in is straight across the hall from the wet canteen door so I get a chance to see officers take there little drinks, and I will say that there is one worse place for a man to be than a buck private in the rear rank, and that is to be an officer for they have more money and Kate money used wrong is one of the worst curses we have.

I am ashamed of my nation worse every day, not that I have any better opinion of any other nation at all, but conditions are so bad morally and spiritual, there is so few that will confess God, and the young wives going wrong so bad over here while there men are away at the front that I can’t fathom what will happen after the war it is awfull, and still God will pardon it all and give use confidence that we will win.

I don’t want to think of the war quiting at all if we can’t get a change in our nation for the better.

I was warrened for waiter in the officers mess this A.M. but the Sergeant said when I came over that I could have my choice of going into the pantry or waiting on the [page 3 / 4 missing] point them to the savior. I have been reading about the work of Paul in Acts it is great how the Holy Gost did strengthen him he never seemed to faulter or lack faith for any thing that came his way and Stephen those are the kind of men we want today and what will make? nothing but the blood of Jesus. Kate do you know that every good deed I ever done was prompted by God now in my yearning to do more of his will each day, I find that it is to my fellow man I must act or I get hit like a slap that I am working against Gods will, If a man does not prove he is a Christian at least once each day by word or deed I beleave he is going back for it takes a little thot on our part, a little inward pray and a trifling sacrefice to triumph often. if these men could have known the black state of my heart a few years ago and know it now as it is before God they would beleave on the power of Jesus to save and keep souls clean and pure.

Well dear sister I must close for now supper is on it is 6.30 P.M.

I am praying for you and Otto and the dear little children as ever