Letter to Mother from Witley South Camp

Witley S. C.

Dear Mother:– I just want to write you a few lines tonight before I go to bed, do you know that altho we can’t say that we are witnessing a revival here we are see souls saved for Jesus some days ago I was going to the S.C.A. is was about half dark you could see some distance and the lights from the windows helped to, a boy was standing beside the road, and as I passed he said have you got any cigarettes I said no sir I havent I don’t use tobacco at all, and went on when I had passed about 40 yds, I stopped turned around an went back to the soldier I asked him if he was broak he said yes. I just simply told him the old old story and where I spent my evening and asked him to come to. he said he was quarantined. then I asked him how many pennies he wanted to buy a package of cigaretts and gave them to him. the next night he ran away and came to the S.C.A. he heard a good sermon. I gave him a pencil and envelopes and after the service, I asked him to come in to the meeting he said “he dident want to he wanted to smoke prettey bad,” so I told him all I could about Salvation again and on Friday night I was not there, I have been working late these nights at the mess but a boy came down to the meting and gave his heart to God. and to night as Rev. Milton told me about I asked his name and he said it was – I have lots it now my self but it is the same boy. Praise God. I am just running over tonight with the blessings of God in my heart I am trying to get this young millionair converted and I am only trusting to do the work but still as I write I feel that my faith is not strong as it ought to be or we would get him converted right away, we are working in the mess together, he is serving C.B. but not because he deserves it at all just true mistake.

I know the way the boys use me that they can just see the love of God in my face, but when I can’t get the boys to see there need it makes me sad.

And today I let my temper get away from me and was read to fight a scotch man over in the mess and then I have been sorry ever since but I will still try to do better and I know God will see me thru and to better close of each day. the weather is fine no frost at all. I can see how it lost the time does fly some thing awfull tomorrow and the month is close to half shot. the last time I thot about it it was’t quite 1/3 shot.

I am getting the greatest feeding up you ever saw over at that mess the meals would average a 1.00 in Sask. I guess so you may know how we eat I have to quit a little or I will have my appetite spoiled.

Well good night dearest Mother as ever your lovng son Laurie.