Letter to Mother


Dear Mother:–

To day would remind me of a fourth of July in Dak only the nose is mutiplied a good many times  there a something shot so I jumped and spoiled the s someone is target practicing near me.

A boy come alone here a while ago and we talked of salvation Then we went to a small crabby patch where we often go to pray and after I prayed he asked God to help him from now on to live a christian life. I remember him on one occasion in Witley and he says he was nearly saved there, but don’t know why he hadn’t nerve to come to me for he wanted to, and think as I was with the boys under the trees the other night reading and praying he past and says that each night since he has prayed for me just think of it. how things may happen. The service of God is the only thing worth while in this old world in the 19th[sic] century

4.30 P.M. Well Mother supper is just over, we are going to have pay parade right away. Our little Christian group is growing there was five of use under the tree this P.M. Well I dident finish telling about the lad his name is Gadd well we talked and eventually I perswaded him to come into the bushes and we prayed together then he prayed that God would help him to live a right christian life I will pray for him right along and I am sure he will prosper in his speritual life

well bye bye Mother dear as ever your loving son Laurie.