Letter to Mother


Dear Mother:–

Mrs Deason and I were down along the beach today where the sea comes in, in big roles that I know you would like to see, then other places it hits the rocks and jumps a good number of feet into the air and sprinkles you with mist a cupple of hundred feet up the rocks, I will try to get some shells Saturday on another beach,

I was out to tea this evening at Mrs Stideford's home we had a great supper real cream Mother and it was surely good this far from home in war times.

Well good dear Mother,

9.40 P.M.   1-2-18

Well Mother:–  

I was out for tea tonight and supper, just got in. it is raining tonight nice and warm. I was at Mr Rodgers, the mother and wife the mother is 75 yrs old a great good old lady, I liked the evening I had very much, The people here have a light tea at 4.30 and supper at 8.30 so you see the difference

Well good night Mother dear

as ever your loving son

["Copied" written below, possibly in his hand]