Letter to Friends of the Canonea Auxiliary from Scilly Isle

Scilly Isle 
[apparently a draft]

Dear Friends of the Canonea Auxiliary:–

I received a parcel some weeks ago that I surely enjoyed. The suspenders, socks, and etc. were fine, All so the eats we all enjoyed. Thank you all for your thoughtfullness and kindness to us boys over here.

I am at present on my fourteen days leave in England from France And it is a very nice change to be away from France and all the conditions that we find over there in war times,

I was out by the beach today picking up shells and watching the big waves roll in. The flower season is on here now so the people are sending out very big quantities of flowers to the mainland for the market, This is the same as other businesses the first few days the flowers are on the market they bring the high prices,

I hope before next Xmas the boys will be coming back across the old ocean, and I think it is not at all unlikely that they will.

Good bye Convey my greetings and thanks to all

Your sincerely