Letter to Mother from Scilly Isle

Scilly Isle

Dear Mother:–

It is a treat to have such a dandy bed and christian home to call home again for a while. I have been out each day since I came here and have met several families that are real nice, there are some nice girls on the Isle, I had a very good time at Mr Rodgers the merchant, last night they are clever and well matched pair. They have a son twelve years old who is away at school now out on the main land. I think old England is getting a waking up that she will be surprised at one of these times

I hope prohibition comes before the end of the war

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Scilly Isle

Dear Mother:–

I neglected writing to you yesterday. I went to church at 11 a.m. heard a good sermon came back and had dinner Mrs Deason and I went to church again at 2.30 then Lilly brot Miss Phillips up from down town to tea. After tea we all went to church down town but Leslie and Mrs Deason. Leslie is a little boy of 11 yrs a nice little fellow.

After church we had a short prayer meeting then came home and had supper and a good old chat in the parlor, went to bed about 11.30 we have talked lots of times until 12 and 1 oclock then we get up at 8 and 9, 9.30 so I am having a great rest and change. I leave here still with out a girl Lilly is a nice girl and so is miss Phillips but I don't know I am getting harder to suit all the time. I run around with Lilly just for to pass the time but that is all, I have not written nearly the amount of letters I should while on leave because when there is any one around to talk to I can't write, but I will try to write a good letter just before I leave for France from London.

I am leaving tomorrow will leave London 6.15 A.M. Friday for Folkstone to sail for France.

This A.M. I have been out for a walk with Mr. Coppleston the minister who is a young man of frail make up, but a good minister and who is well liked I beleave by all.

I suppose Mother it never entered your mind when I went to France that I was going to be spared to live untill I received my leave. I realy never thot of such a thing my self. But God has spared me for his own reason and I am going back to France stronger in faith and physeaque maby than ever and may or will if it is Gods will spend months out there again, don't worry at all Mother just trust in God that what ever happens It may and will be for the best.

We just finished dinner and Mr Deason is packing flowers to ship away, they make a comfortable living and do not hurry or worry much they won't have to get up before about seven a.m. Now that an't early at all, they have time to read some at noon and night, It is so warm here that they use very little fuel at all, tho it is a little expensive it costs 50 shillings per ton.

Dear Mother:– I am back on the mainland today. I had a good ride this A.M. 42 miles and dident get at all sick, but this P.M. I have a head ack I don't no how to spell that I am going to travel up towards London tonight.

I will stop off when I get tired riding and then go on tomorrow or the next day.

I had a great time at Deasons and now it is over, every one I meet there used me great, Mr Rodgers came down to the Peir to say good bye, I should have seen him last night but I did not think,

I met a young married woman here at Panzance this noon that is the very kind of a girl that I am waiting for and I hope some day will meet, why a man could marry a girl like that and go to the front or any where and she would be nothing but true, but most of the girls come so far from filling the bill that they could not make an impression

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