Letter to Mother from BEF France

[Y.M.C.A. letterhead] 
Plymouth Eng
Company A
46 Reg
Stationed at B.E.F France

Dear Mother:–

I stopped of here about 8 P.M. last night just to spend the day in a new place and now at 2 P.M. I am starting on to London for my last day and then France the next stop.

I was up in the quiet room right after dinner until now sleeping in a big easy chair It is surely a treat to be in civilization for a while but I am ready to go back to France now I want to get my bit finished whatever it may be, I have no desire to stick around blighty any longer.

A good fourteen days is enough and makes a good change and rest,

I like the traveling in day light so I can take in the country but I can't catch a train now for some time yet I think, I am going to the station right away

Well bye bye Mother dear

as ever your loving son