Letter to Mother from London


Dear Mother:–

I am back in old London again. And will not go back to France until a day late, I don't care, they may not say any thing about it, I put three watches in a shop to get fixed and the shop closed at 1 P.M. today so I did not hit town it time to get them out, so I will just stay over and I may get away with it all right and may not, but how ever it is only one more incedent in a soldiers life which ever way it goes.

If they keep on fighting much longer I will be spoiled on this letter writing entirely it is hard to write good letters because I have lost a certain amount of interest in these things and to get my bit done out at the front is the next thing.

Well Mother the old war has not hurt me physically because to day I way 155 lbs that is a gain of 13 lbs since I left Canada, and in France am easily about three lbs heavier traveling never agrees with me, I would sooner be home, any time, And do you know that after noon I started on leave from France as I stood in the sun at the transport lines and thot about leave, I kind of hated to come away. I thot of old England as cloudy and wet, but it was not that way the sun shone nice on Scilly very nearly every day and out side of the fresh breeze it was like June weather at home.

Mother one can talk as they like but it realy is a certain amount of a trial to resist the temtations that confront one away from home and friends that are good. Some of the worst girls are the nicest looking and one gets to feel that the time is kind of draging and the girls that he knows are good he can approach,

But thank God to night that he has made me all I am even that an't saying that I am perfect at all, But at times I can help others and that keeps a mans sperit up some, It is surely a treat to meet a good man, and I did that tonight. He is a friend of Charley Johnston the Breed I have mentioned in my batt'n he saw I was from the 46th so he asked me about Charley that was how we met,

Well good night Mother dear as ever your loving son