Letter to Mother and Loved Ones at Home from Witley South Camp


Dear Mother and loved ones at home.

I received seven letters this week six of them at 2.45 this P.M. now it is 7.25 and I am at the s.c.a. I just got done reading the lost one from Otto one from Kat Ted Horace and two from you one from Eula. I will never be able to tell you how much joy I received from these letters from home last week the mail got mixed and I only got two all week but they are coming good this week.

We moved to the north camp this week. so we seem to be going the rounds again, and since we were filled up considerable with boys they have started use out away back where we were at C.H. you can have an idea how duck soup that is for use and There is no work to it the time flyes like school days to me. I got stung last night there was night work on and I had the chance of going on night work for 2½ hours or helping to scrubb the dining room, well the night work was called off and I had to scrubb mind you I had been off guard all day and had done nothing all day, but I first said look what a mistake I made, then I said why it will only do me good and I went to work, we were done and away by 7.30 it took maby an hour not much more for we done a lot of sitting around after 6 P.M.

Two boys were converted in our prayer meeting last night I am so thankfull that I am in on the joy of a christian life. for I can see more each night who the love of God does for humanity I will tell you a lot more about it if good spares me to come back.

I have to close this short this week to listen to a Soul winner that has spent 8 years in Africa and hes great I met him last night Rev. Nelson

 I will write a bit letter for the next mail, I have neglected writing for some days now, 

as ever your loving son

The service is on now or I would not stop