Letter to Teddy from Witley North Camp

Witley North Camp

Dear Teddy:–

I thot that I would get a change when I volunteered to go on a transport out fit but before they sent use away some of the big guns got wise that I was a M.G. man and they stroaked me off so I can’t get onto the transport. but I won’t care if they ever get the detachment started up again and give me some thing to do but form fours or quarantine guard.

I am posted for a coarse on the m.g. Feb. 27th but I don’t know whether they will forget about it or not before then. any way it is all in the life of a soldier.

We got quite a rain last night so it was real muddy out on parade this a.m. but it is Saturday so we have nothing to do but enjoy life this P.M. I sent my kit bag home today so you have a pair of over shoes to wear next winter, You can get the clippers repaired some where I think, I don’t want so much stuff to carry around it only cost 72¢ to send it home it may not be there for a cupple of weeks after this letter but that won’t hurt.

I got your letter this week I forgot about that little calf but now I remember him again. It was to bad that the red cows calf froze up last winter Ill bet you were glad to see Bunto again I would like to see him my self. Say the pictures of you all were surely fine. I enjoy them a lot my camera is gone in my pack just turn on the next picture and take it. I have taken some on the film.

Young Madow had a birthday yesterday and he came up on a week end today from an N.C.O.s coarse at Bramshot he had three big boxes at the orderly room with cakes, pie, roast pork, bacon bread butter jam sugar tea, and he just opened them all on the table at one time and called every one in the hut to come and eat all they wanted of any thing there, he goes thru this about every ten days or oftener his folks run a saloon up near manchester, he is a hole hearted boy any way but he drinks enough to ruin any boy in short order. he sings songs and hymns any thing he has a great memory to he will get a song off in not time.

I am going down to the s.c.a. tonight and write some more but I have to go for a bath after I eat and get into my clean clothes clean my teeth, I have not cleaned my teeth for several days it has been hard to get clean water handy so I did the easy way and put it off till they feel bum all covered rough. Bob McKeith is here for a visit today he is on a 8 week coarse n.c.o.

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