Letter to Mother from Bramshot


Dear Mother:–

I just have time to write a word this a.m. it is raining and has been off and on for about two days all the frost has gone out of the ground and it is a little muddy, yesterday A.M. I was cutting holly for Xmas trimmings for our mess room, we have it looking fine for Xmas and are going to have a big feed I think from reports, after dinner we got bayonet fighting and rifle drill for guard today but I got off this A.M. Stanley Deason is gone there an’t many of use left, we don’t know when another draft will be called up

My pencil needs sharpening but I haven’t time. I got my first Christian Guardian yesterday. it is a very good paper, we had a quite a feed last night two or three of the boys got boxes from home and there was only a few of use sitting around the fire, so we had a general good time talking of our different oppinions on different subjects etc

I sent Annie a letter this A.M. well

goodbye Mother dear as ever your loving son