Christmas Letter to Mother from Bramshot Camp

Bramshot Camp

Dear Mother:–  

Just a word tonight so you will know that I am thinking of home and you all.

I am in bed and the light is so poor that I can not see to read. We have been listening to a man tell of his experiences away out in the north west Peace River Frazer and all thru B.C. and around S.C. he knew a lot of the men I knew around there, he homesteaded about 4 miles south of Peels years ago and sold out and went west.

He is a man of about 6 ft 2 and must weigh about 200 lbs but is an awful man to cut up in the army and don’t care for C.B. or pay stop or any thing. But can’t help liking him for he tries to be deasent since he has found out that I don’t like that way of living, it is strange how a man like that will show his deasency in that way, he says he was a good man up till he was 16 then he started to go wrong and from his own talk he is as bad a man as one can be now. But he has helped me pass this Xmas evening along with some facts about the west that has cost him in experience out there.

I have been thinking about home and have been picturing you all at home in Horace house sitting around the table and maby some one has said I wonder where Laurie is tonight. Well never mind Mother your boy is always safe in the arms of Jesus and carrys a hearts yearning to help some of these boys to change his way of living

I am part to blame I have to study more in the bible and learn by memory more of the passages so I can coat them when I need them like I often do and the opportunity passes with out the right word being said for word that are not the direct words of God always fall short no matter who says them. There is nothing will go thru a man like the plain scripture. It is 8-10 and I don’t want to go to sleep for two hours yet.

Mitchel Burns came in this p.m. and brot 2 nice apples and 2 oranges which was nice of him I will always remember it I was in to see him once or twice when he was sick but I don’t think I know whether I brot any thing to them or not.

Well Mother I haven’t written any for some time but will have to snuggle in now and go to sleep I wish I could kiss you good night but maby I’ll be home next Xmas I do pray to night with all my heart that God can see fit to bring this war to a successful close before another year

Well good night Mother dear.

10.20 A.M.

I am going out of here today. I feel good so I will be all right. Now it a nice day and I will be careful for a few days so I get cold again

Bye bye as ever your dearest boy