Letter to Mother from Bramshot Camp, Hants

Bramshot Camp
Eng.  Nov 22-16

Dear Mother:–

I received four letter yesterday and these envelopes aren’t tough enough for the hole edge was woren off of 3 sides but some p.m. must have put a wire fastner on because it was on and nothing lost. I enjoyed the mail a lot I have to read your letter over again before I finish this letter, we are going on night work tonight we got away with only one night march last week I hope we get away with tonight this week. The last two days have been ideal spring days every thing is as green as June but the trees the winter wheat is up about 4 inches. I was down at the s.c.a. again last night and I only missed one night last week. I was in to talk to Elmer for a few minuits last night he will tell you folks all about England in his letters to, he had a letter from Wilfred he is well and getting along fine. We are told that we have completed our m.g. coarse and will take up regular infintry work again in the a.m. we should worry there is no work about any of this army training as far as it has gone yet any man who has any kick if he in good health would kick if he was hanging with a new rope, the roofing blew off of some of the huts when we first hit here so on one end maybe there would be lost of rain come but no one ever got wet so why should anyone go hollering about it to the folks at home.

Well Mother I have just got back from supper and straightened my bed around to its night position which is different than it day position quite considerable you know how a man has to fix things just so to suit the Army regulations.

I put this letter off till one night to long but I am going to get it away tonight so it will hit the Canadian mail on Thursday even it is short.

Say let me quit now and then I can send this with the boys that are going now

goodbye your dearest boy

I will write a long one before the Mon. mail