Letter to Teddy from Bramshot Camp, Hants

Bramshot Camp
Hants 23-11-16

Dear Teddy:–

I am down at the S.A. Hut waiting for a meeting that will come off presently, I think I heard in one of the letters that you got $210.00 for the steers well I was more than tickled when I heard that you done so well I told you $225.00 but I put it high and new that you would be asked lots at that but on the other hand I knew that you could come down if you could not sell at $225.oo it is all they were worth on foot, and I would not have paid it myself I don’t think in less they done very good because the thin roan was very light thru even he would be fat and he was not fat when I left. so it could not get so very thick on his ribs by fall.

I hope you got the crop threshed all right for I suppose the snow is on thick by now. this piece of paper was lying on the desk so I just picked it up I don’t like to waist the stuff even it is only a sheet of paper, I tell you Ted. I see more each day how the pennies make the dollars and every time one has a dollar saved there is 10 ¢ goes to Gods work which must prosper more and more each day don’t forget how to figure up the profits on the steers the book will show you. I think they were all profit if I can remember right.

 I am going to trust you to look out for Mother in the way of giving her money after you pay the interest and taxes you will know better how much money is left than I do, but don’t let another be with out clothes if you get your flax threshed right and sold at a good price she should have the alowance from my pay to buy clothes with after her ticket to Dak. It will take all of my money here to keep me in what stuff I may need I want to have some few dollars on me all the time especially if I am at the front.

What ever you do think of Mother first if you don’t you will be like me and have regrets to make which is no good, to any one, and the pleasure you may have would never balance with the regret. To day has been cloudy but warm. this weather is just like our spring exactly I think

We had out post duty last night I was on the rear party of 4 with the red lantren so when we got to the supposed battle field where the trench are just as the modern battle F. we put our light out and our ground sheets down we had our Grey coats on we sat down and the only time, I was a wake was when some of the sentry group right close would hault a man they were taking prisoner or geting his pass word. I think these tanks are quite an invention after all we have seen some good photos of them in action now, and while in London I saw a boy that had seen one just two days before in no mans land he was on an 8 days pass.

The mail goes out to old canada to night it would be great to be going to but if it is Gods will Teddy we will be back together again some day. All I want to do is his will entirely and I am happy and only glad to do his bidding it is a great experience to be trusting in God so as some times you yearn for a few minuits to be up yonder where we are all sure to meet after we have done our best here on this earth. I only am sorry that I did get right with God earlier and now I could be doing more for his cause and helping other men to have such experiences as I have.

I have asked for a weekend leave. I want to go over to Witley for a sunday after noon before I leave for France but I not get a chance if I don’t it will be all right I will write Mrs Gown and tell her how much I enjoyed the times I had over there I wish I was there now instead of Bramshot all tho this is a nice camp I think nicer summer camp because we have nicer scenes here but the wind comes up out of the Valley once in a while pretty brisk when Witley was sheltered more. Merry Xmas [inserted in a box]

As ever your loving brother Laurie