Letter to Mother from London

London  26-1-18

Dear Mother:–

My first day in Blighty has been quite a busy one, And it has been real enjoyable it is nice to feel that you can stay up late or role in or do any thing you like,

I got my picture taken today will send them along later I hope they are good,

I havent the same interest in this old city that I had when I first hit here, I feel more like enjoying a bit of quiet home life, and tonight I am undecided as to whether I will go south tomorrow or go down to Gowers for a few days first, but I think I may go to Deacons at once. Any way I will deside after I have a second sleep in my little bed at the Club,

Mother I just feel good and thankfull to God for so many things that I realy can't explain my self here,

Well good night Mother dear

as ever your loving son

The last trip in we pulled out of rest billets on the 11th of Jan. took up our quarters in supports about five miles from the front line, then we done ten days work parties from there,

Next move was about three miles closer into big bomb proff dugouts that will hold

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