Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

Somewhere in France

Dear Mamma:–

I have a few minuits to write before I go to supper. It is cooling off tonight for we had a few showers this P.M. This was a good day a little physical drill very nearly all games then a little bayonet fighting the rest of the day we spent in the shade of the big trees at tables working on the Lewis gun. It is fun. Bob Banks is with me in our team 8 of use.

7.30 P.M. after I ate supper I went out into the trees away from the boys with a french canadian who is 20 yrs old who can neither read nor write he is married and has one child about 10 months old. Now I am sitting with my back against a bayonet fight parapet there is a trench part carrying on a concert about 150 ft ahead of me, so I am kind of taking in it as well as writing you. the 9 or 10 men who are in party are men who have served there time in the trenches and are organized and sent out by big bugs in England for the benefit of the troops all over France. It is sprinkling as you will see by the above [spots of wetted indelible pencil] These men represent all the provences in canada and are from different batts to.

 I felt real hungry for some candy so went over to the canteen and got 12¢ worth I ate half of it and now feel as tho I had eaten to much. I don’t care for so much candy as I used to. Our grub is great here. I wish I could picture to you what is ahead of me, on the left under the smaller trees are 8 tents then the trees get away high and heavy shade to the front the grandstand built of lumber covered over with big Union Jacks just under the edge of the heaviest trees then the trees extend away on off down to right

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