Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

Some where in France 

Dear Mother:–

I started down town right after supper, a motor bus passed me so I thot I will try to catch this and here was Pete Campbell in it so we had a good ride of about a mile he got off at the picture show and I came on down to the Y. I got some candy and sat down to write,

We had a good lecture this A.M. by our Captain the doctor and have started to review the S.B. coarse again which I am heartily interested in.

This P.M. we had an hour of manouvers out among the brush and trees off coarse I got awfully behind taking care of the Causalities of coarse they were amaginary, but it is all good exercise and teaches the boys to get used to each other and there officers and N.C.O's.

Reedman returned today after being down the line four more wounded at the last over the top. he may become a stretcher bearer again I don't know.

It tickles me to know that you folks have the phone now for I realize what it is worth to be able to talk to Kate at any time and others to. I won't know that old country if I ever return again it will have advanced in so many ways all so the town.


Well Mother I did not get far with this letter the other night.

Some where in France

I was at service this A.M. in a Y a Church parade and communion at close for those who wished to remain I stayed and got good out of the service the minister is new in the batt. and seemed pleased that as many stayed as did.

There is a chance he will prove a very useful chaplain he is starting out by taking a first aid coarse so he evidently intends to be around where the shells fall, well here is hoping he don't change his mind about the time they starte to come over for he will never know what a man can go thru with out getting killed if he don't stay with the game.

I received a good letter from you and one from Teddy one from Annie last night,

Now Mother don't build any hopes that I will come thru this alive yet because it will only be the couse of you being all the worse disapointed if the worst does come, All we can do is thank God sincerely that he has seen fit to bring me thru so far, and say that we will be content for his will to be done at any price. To for a minute let myself hope to come thru knocks my peace of mind and contentment all away, but to say thy will be done at any price and it lifts all the load and I can see my duty and I carry on with a heart cheerfull and my works comes to me in

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