Letter to Teddy from Somewhere in France

Some where in France

Dear Teddy:–

I have a little surplus of cash on hand so am sending it to you, you can make use of it before you get your next crop and I have no use for it here in fact I don't want to carry it around with me, it is only a nuisance.

Today is a windy chilly day but no frost. at all.

I walked about a mile and a half to a y.m.c.a. last night, it was nice and cosy elictric light and so on so I enjoyed the evening. I wrote a letter and read until 7.30 then I came home and got to bed by 930 Revallee was at 6 a.m. breakfast 6.30 drill or parade at 8 so it keeps a fellow just busy to look after him self properly and get on parade

Bye Bye old boy I suppose you will be getting ready for the big drive up and down the field by the time you get this.

as ever your old pal

P.S. You will find enclosed $1000