Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

Somewhere in France

Dear Mother:–

I am at the Y. for a while. I watched a pretty interesting game of ball for a while just before I came up. The boys get up a game of both ball and foot ball, between the different sections in platoons, different platoons and different co'ys so they can have good changes and work out interesting results.

They play right in front of our hut.

I did not get up untill twelve oclock, then we got paid this P,M, I will likely be on parade at 8 in the A,M, untill twelve and maby nothing but church parades maby ranges the program changes and sunday the same lots of times as any other day, some times not the same.   17th of Ireland te. he.

We had no parade untill 11 a.m, then it was a good bath we got change of Cloth the bath just to go in to further detail was good but not comfy for the water was chilly, but the day was a dandy warm one, Now it is about 3.30 P,M. I am lying on the north slop of a hill that was once a battlefield but now the line is miles away,

I received three letter and role of papers today from home. Your letter written from 11th to 14th of Feb while you were at Ottos. say I am glad Otto and Kate went to Regina for they would so much enjoy the convention, I have such treats here now in those lines when out in rest billets a little farther back. there is great oddress on, each night, by men who know what they are talking about.

I am glad you are getting more neighbors for the more the merrier

I an't expecting a trip home soon, I hope I can just carry on out here untill the duration and I don't expect it for awhile yet do you?

Say while I think if Ted has a pair send me a pair of the socks he knit I surely would like to see them

Now you want to take with a grain of salt some of the things the boys tell when they return from France, It is a shame. the truth is enough with out any exageration so I can't see why the boys should tell things as they do that never thot of happening.

There an't a thing in the world that I need or I would not hesitate a moment to ask for it, you know that I am maby to much that way for any soon knows what I want.

Well bye bye Mother dear as ever your loving son Laurie