Letter to Teddy


Dear Teddy:–

I have a slight business letter to write tonight all tho I realize that you have more than one letter coming to you and by the way, I enjoyed your letter not a small bit. All tho I have to laugh some times. Any time you get a chance run over to Burns you know Teddy it must be hard on Mrs Burns to have lost that good boy Mitchel. he was a dandy boy not unlike me in lots of ways, manys the boy thot we were relations. And no one knows Ted Mother may any day get a similar blow which would be terrible on her but others could make it easier by thoughfullness, I fall down lots of times because I do not take time to think into things as I should at the time.

Well to take up the other side of my letter do you think you could sell the surplus horses at some price. The uncertainty of when I will get back makes me think that you should sell them for cheap cash prices, and look if you see a chance don't stick for a few dollars lump the hole bunch. I know I will loose a lot on what I have paid but that is no consideration now because I did not buy them to run in the pasture while I was over here,

We will put old Fred at 2500 Ginger at 7500 but maby you should not be in a hurry to take the prices I mention but don't stick at these if you can't do better because I see that they cant be kept around and made pay but sell the geldings first, Mutt and Jeff at 50 and 75. 00 Wilks at 4000 The four geldings at $19000 they should bring that if any one would take them home at all,

Maby you could keep the mares then and get a colt or two, Bell should bring 40 or $5000 Queen or Beauty 11000 apiece and Bird about the same,

You see that would bring the whole bunch at a little more than you paid for your team last year, well off coarse this is just a suggestion for the surplus, I don't know what ones you work or any thing about it. I am to blame that you did not sell out last year but I was in hopes that the war would be over we now see that it won't be over for a while, so let use run things out there like as tho the war would last five years more, if it don't then we won't be disappointed in the least, Well bye bye old boy as ever your loving pal Laurie        I am going in to the bible class for a few minuites it is just starting,