Letter to Otto from Camp Hughes

[Undated - 9 Aug 1916]
Camp Hughes Man.

Dear Otto:–

We are off tomorrow for the east and of coarse we don’t know where in end but here is hoping that we will end up in Canada before many years.

I went down to the express office today to send home a blanket that I bot from Eatons that I can not take accross with and before I left a passenger train came a full train of soldiers from out in B.C. the 121st Batt. a good looking bunch of boys. I guess they will be going over on the same boat as we will.

All the stores and watch making shops are closed thru the parade hours ever day so if you have a pass to get away from camp you can’t get into any of the Places to do any thing

We are good for two or three weeks now before we have to get down to hard socks again and guess it will be the last snap for use for a while. I got my sentence the A.M. to days pay forfeted for staying over my leave but I should worry it an’t a black mark yet, but if they had given me C.B. it would have been

It rained some this A.M. but it is nice again now.

On the way back I came south from Weyburn to Brandon and I found the crop very poor east of Weyburn and on down by Arcola they were hailed out all along for miles then again between here and Brandon they are cleaned up again

I got a letter from Anna last night she says that they were just between two big storms R.D. English got cleared out entirely to bad for old Bob. he needs the money.

Last night our Batt. visited the 195th for supper we had a great feed and then a Some talent concert that was fine The wind came up once so we had to leave and get into the tents for about ten minuets but then we came out and things went fine until 9.30 then we fell in and marched home and got bed by 10.30

Well I think I will have to quit and along home I have a suit of light underwear to wash this P.M. so it will be dry by A.M. our tent have got to be down and folded at 8.30 good old man give my best regards to Kate and the kids

Yours as ever