Letter to Mother

Aug. 9, 1916

Dear Mother and all the rest.

I did get back until 5 P.M. Sat. in a big rain I think I told or did I write since. We are leaving hear tomorrow after noon or about noon every thing is packed and lots of it loaded in the transport car

We were asked up to the 195 for supper and the evening. we had a great time in the canteen and at supper they fed use on home made cookies, jam cheese cold meet pie the last of bread and butter all we could eat but the best part of it was they gave use there plates so we didn’t have to wash the dishes after we eat well mother I have to go I am sending home my Eaton Blanket we have to turn it in here and buy another in England because I cant carry the four blankets and if I don’t take my issue I will be out on my ration blanket so goodbye mother here is wishing for the best of luck for you and Alice Kate Horace and Ted we will all meet again some day and we will try and get the most out of life and do the most we can in life. we have a little of the cake left it sure goes good Bob McKeith and I are going down town I will go and bid the boys goodby in the Batt. that I know

as ever your loving son