Letter to Teddy from Camp Hughes

Camp Hughes
Aug. 10 1916
LDCunningham [Co’y] D [B’tn] 128

Dear Teddy:– 

It is 8.5 A.M. and we fall in with sacks on our backs at 1.30 P.M. to parade to the depot to entrain for the east coast

Our address is Pte. LD,C,
#782373 D Co’y, 128th Batt
C. E. F. General P. O.

So don’t forget to write and don’t wait to long before you get buisy at the grainery because you wont have time to do it right if you don’t get at it. The boys are crazy to get started on the trip and a good 70% of the soldiers in camp are crazy to go with use but they only let 5 out of each Batt come with use. We had breakfast over at the 152nd [Weyburn???] I don’t know where we will get dinner but we should worry goodbye as ever  Laurie

Aug. 11 9.5 A.M. We are just getting into Fort William camp we get off and get some drill of some kind we are dressed in full dress with pouches on and have to wait 30 min. for the second sec to come half of use on each sec. we are ahead. The trees are fine and I like the trip great, I was on guard from 4 to 6 A.M. so I saw all there was to see since day light it is hard to write good with the train going. I saw a Ontario farmer out in new Ontario at 5.45 out using a syth cutting hay but not for Mine. I can see big hills in a distance to the north but there is no farming nothing but trees to be seen here any where

we did see a few cows up away back at a cupple of stations with about two houses lots or all of them I think were log houses and some had pole fences. I can see the big elevators at F. W. now they are out to the no. say kid it is a great sight a big valley between use and the Hills I mentioned to the south it is just the same good by he says get ready