Letter to Teddy from Witley


Dear Teddy:–

I am reading over my letters before I burn them. I want you to show this to Horace so it will be a letter to you both I am going to starte in answering your last letter where you speak about Rolin.

I don’t think that either of you boys are more anxious to go ahead than I am to see you but I could not sanction you traveling Rolin one thing is it an’t a good job for you and on the other hand I don’t think it will pay to have any one travel him, If Horace could cut the price for service down from $5 to $8 spot cash in his hand for each mare he would be far better and keep him right on the land each day, The price Rolin has made so far don’t amount to any thing and I feel that if he is kept till he is 20 it will be the same but look after the mares on your own farm they are what counts, Now I am writing and telling you just what I would do if I was the owner personel if you travel Rolin for a fourth what he makes I will have to send you a little of my 50¢ a day for spending money next winter, I have every confidence that you and Horace can make good in a very short time on the farm using the old threshing outfit and growing wheat, but I would not give two cents for your chance if you fool with Rolin and ever think of buying a new engine, My kid I wish I was around to talk to some of these implements men that come around and I would send them down the road in cloud of dust like a German makes when he see a tank crossing no mans land, I would not be scared of Horace buying another engine if he had never had one but there seems to be some thing about a man that has had one of them that makes him buy an other I have seen it done in a good many cases, but if Horace will just stand up and fix in his own mind a strong determination that he will never have an other at any price he will be ready to say no to any number of agents but if he will talk to the guys when they come around why the chances are he will sacrifice the only chance he has in life to get where he can enjoy a comfortable and independent home.

Now I am going to make this stronger I am going to say don’t hire any one to travel Rolin and DONT ever think of an other engine. Horace you home and well fare is just as dear to me as it is to you and try and see like I do that these two things only add to your worry and don’t make you any money I have talked to hundreds of men and every old man that has had experience and has watched others will tell you to not travel your horse under these conditions and never buy an other engine at all. let some one else do the worrying. why it is a joak to every dealer to put a stalion onto a poor farmer, Just call [ratrin??? mis-written for Rolin?] a $300.00 horse and put the balance into experience and pay for him with wheat

I will be back to help yet if God is will and we will make things go but Rolin will be tramping the sod instead of pulling a cart. Won’t you try to change you mind try my way for 1917 any way I will make right all you loose if you loose a hundred I will pay the price of the horse are you going to take me up?

I am sitting on my bunk it is just 4.15 P.M. Sat. I got a bid by mail out to tea tomorrow a new home. Will tell about it later on.

Sunday            1.48 a.m.

Dinner will soon be on and after dinner I will get cleaned up for my visit I was down at Gowers after supper last night we had a good time There was a sergeant there his wife and little girl, The sergeant tryed to do the work of the devil tho in breaking down my faith in God. but God let me realize that it was only the work of the devel in an other form or in sheeps clothing and gave me suitable answers several that he could not answer so I guess he will realize that his work was of no avail.

To day is nice it was misty in the morning but the sun is partly out now so I think in an other hour it will be ideal.

I am in the recreation room now.

I just got the third package from Mother this week so I am tickled all over it says cake and candy on the outside so I see where I have a feed after dinner which may not be the best thing for me if I eat to much. I may meat the fate of the Johnie cock horse.

say kid this recreation room is surely a blessing to the boys they have 14 tables quite well filled and they an’t all sitting at the tables the big arm chairs are what take the boys eyes. to sit in around the stove. some read some smoke some sleep.

Well bye bye old boy as ever your loving brother Laurie

P. S. I ready Elta’s letter stwice[sic] and it was very nice indeed but don’t make my mistake for you can have only one true love at a time and some men only have one in life. I beleave I lost the best girl freind I ever had thru writing to so many girls and she way Myrtle Morrison so if you or I will play with the fire we must stand the burn for we will some time get it as surely as any thing

I dident use to think this way but bitter experience will teach a man things in a way some times so he will feel them for life.

I like Edna but I said before she does not mind flirting now this does not say that any one who flirts can’t be sincere not at all but I don’t want to be the boy the girl is flirting with if I am sincere do you so beware in every case

I take from Elta’s letter she is writing to that [gink???] I know him well that an’t any reason why both should or should not.

Personel from this date onward the girl I go with will be carrying on no flirtations at home or any where else or she won’t if I know it for I am going to be either absent or sincere by by old pal

[marginal writing] The pictures were fine I enjoyed you dont know how much I want you to snap Mother feeding the chickens when they are all close up to her in the yard.