Letters - 1916

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter to Mother

September 5, 1916

It rained last night till I went to bed but the sun came up clear just as we were getting into camp after our little 30 minute route march from 6.30 till 7 a.m.

Letter to Mother

September 8, 1916

I went on parade today at noon I went to the doctors and he said I should go to the Hospital I don’t know what is wrong but he said I would have to go to bed for a while.

Letter to Horace from London, England

September 16, 1916

I have been out to four S.A. meetings to day two open air and two inside we had some good times but they are not different here than in canada a sincere Christian is a man or woman in any land.

Letter to Mother from Milford, Surrey

September 22, 1916

I have been out ever since about 2 P.M. walking away down at Milford and Godalming where I had supper and then walked some more after that we ate some more and then started home just got here at 8 P.M.

Letter to Mother from Witley South Camp

October 1, 1916

I had a time to day and I enjoyed just a little of our English hospitality. Stanley and I went to Milford to Congregational church S.S. at 2.45 then we were asked out to tea seven of use.

Letter to Teddy from Witley South Camp

October 14, 1916

I have been up to Tin Town to buy a writing pad and just came back here as far as the Y.M.C.A. hut where I thot I would write you a letter or someone a letter and when I sat down I thot of you.

Letter to Mother from Farnborough

October 29, 1916

I have a letter partly written to Alice at the hut but I came down town tonight to service in the methodist Wesleyan church and have a few minuits to spend so will spend them writing.