Letters - 1918

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter to Mother from Scilly Isle

January 18, 1918

I left London last night at 950, had until 730 A.M, on the thru train, slept part of the time, then I got breakfast, and done a little shopping, and caught the boat. for here a distance of 42 miles,

Letter to Mother

January 23, 1918

I am on my way to Blighty just the first lap Bill Heron, Duncan, Dan Griffin and I have been sitting in a little steel hut with a candle and good wood fire,

Letter to Mother from London

January 26, 1918

My first day in Blighty has been quite a busy one, And it has been real enjoyable it is nice to feel that you can stay up late or role in or do any thing you like,

Letter to Mother

January 31, 1918

Mrs Deason and I were down along the beach today where the sea comes in, in big roles that I know you would like to see, then other places it hits the rocks and jumps a good number of feet into the air and sprinkles you with mist a cupple of hundred feet up the rocks

Letter to Mother from BEF France

February 6, 1918

I stopped of here about 8 P.M. last night just to spend the day in a new place and now at 2 P.M. I am starting on to London for my last day and then France the next stop.

Letter to Mother from England

February 8, 1918

I did not get to France today but will be off in the a.m. at 6.15, I spent the day in the Victoria and Albert museum and out at the zoo we had a real good time most interesting.

Letter to Mother

February 15, 1918

It is just 11 A.M. I shaved and cleaned up this a.m. so that will do me for a few days again, we don't shave every day in the front line even the weather and conditions are good. but I have washed each day this trip,

Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

February 22, 1918

I started down town right after supper, a motor bus passed me so I thot I will try to catch this and here was Pete Campbell in it so we had a good ride of about a mile he got off at the picture show and I came on down to the Y. I got some candy and sat down to write,

Letter to Teddy from Somewhere in France

February 22, 1918

I have a little surplus of cash on hand so am sending it to you, you can make use of it before you get your next crop and I have no use for it here in fact I don't want to carry it around with me, it is only a nuisance.

Letter to Mother Somewhere in France

February 27, 1918

We are just sitting around after dinner on a warm cloudy day with spurts of sunshine at times, It is weather you would expect to get rain from it but it don't seem to come.

Letter to Teddy

March 19, 1918

I have a slight business letter to write tonight all tho I realize that you have more than one letter coming to you and by the way,

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