Letters - 1918

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter to Mother

August 23, 1918

I must write some today to get caught up with my corespondence, I don't want to put it off untill after I get out of the line entirely,

Letter to Mother

October 6, 1918

It is sunday evening again and I have enjoyed the day. I went out this and walked about an hour and a half before I went in to the service in the Congregational church at 11

Letter to Mother

October 11, 1918

This has been an ideal day so I spent a large part of it out strolling up and down the hills and past the nicest streams. The trees are very nice now as they are changing color.

Letter to Mother from H.M. Forces The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland

October 18, 1918

After I finished writing last night at 10 I booked a bed, and found a very pleasant man in the room helping sort us out to our right beds and seeing that boys do not come in who have not paid there 6¢ after we talked a few minuites and he did every thing in his power to help me get into bed

Letter to Mother from The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland

October 20, 1918

This is a better day and sunday at that. I got up at 7.30 had breakfast at 8.30 after we talked a while I went to the hospital and Mr Anderson went to his Sunday school. at 12.25 I am at the Club I missed church by getting my hand taken care of