Letters - 1918

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter to Mother

April 23, 1918

It seems as tho I don't get around to writing enough to suit my own concience. but the truth of the matter is that I have to have some kind of a comfortable place to write in or else a warm day, today was ideal I call it but I felt awfully sleepy,

Letter to Mother

April 30, 1918

Last night on the work party John Wild and I were together for a long time, and we talked a lot about our folks at home

Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

May 13, 1918

As I walked out over the hill to a place to write, I chose a hill covered with nice green grass about eight inches high over looking a French village that has a few trees mixed among the house, to the right a large bunch of cattle graze

Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

May 21, 1918

I have spent the day on first aid class in the A,M, and some extended order drill this P,M. out on a nice field of grass that was not pastured off last year so when we lay down, it reminded me of the carpet of prairy wool in the west

Letter to Mother

July 21, 1918

I just wanted to write you a few lines tonight. the sun has just set so beautifully in the west, and the twilight upon the western side of a ruined village that I stood in the trench and looked at and said to the boys

Letter to Mother

August 5, 1918

I am sitting in a feed barn in a little room where I have slept today, my candle burning and I am soon going to bed

Letter to Mother

August 7, 1918

I am sitting on my bed in a room large enough to hold a co'y of men, and the band is playing about 30 feet ahead in front of my bed.