Letters - 1916

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter home from Moosejaw Armoury

January 2, 1916

The first bunch of the 128th boys left tonight for Camp Hughs, and we will follow on Sunday night. I am still holding down my assistant taylor job which I surely like Sargent Potts paid my my per cent to night amounting $4.50 for an hour and a halfs work over four and a half days and my army pay goes on just the same.

Letter Home from Moosejaw Armoury

April 9, 1916

I am getting along fine so far the meals are fine. I never thot they would be anything like they are. I am getting an appetite and if I am lucky in ough to keep from getting a cold I will be all right.

Letter to Alice from Camp Hughes

June 21, 1916

It has been raining off and on, we ran for the tent once and stayed in for one hour I suppose then we went out and took a lecture on the Ross rifle and pulled the trigger a few times and then we went and trained bayonet fighting for the rest of the P.M.

Letter Home from Camp Hughes

June 23, 1916

I was looking thru my kit bag a minuit ago and I just thought how good I felt but my mind wandered back to home and Mother and I thought I would just like to write you a short letter.

Letter Home from Camp Hughes

June 27, 1916

I received you letter to night right after supper, and I can't account for you beleaving the stories that you have heard about the poor chuck at C.H. for I have thought that I told you lots of times that we have lots of good meat potatoes and every day we have for one meal either turnips, carrots, parsnips or onions, and we have good soup once or twice a day.

Letter to Home

July 16, 1916

Just a word before I go to bed, I have been on guard from 7 P.M. Sat. till 7.30 P.M. Sun.

Letter Home from Camp Hughes

July 21, 1916

I received your most welcome letter yesterday and can’t help but say that I was surprised to here that it had been so long between my letters, but you must have got one about the time you wrote because I sent you the check by registered mail.

Letter to Home - On The Magazine Guard

July 25, 1916

I received your most welcome letter yesterday and after that I looked up the receipt for the registered letter I sent you on July 15th so I will go to post office and start a search on it.

Letter to Home

July 31, 1916

I am getting indifferent these days and I am not keeping up my correspondence as I should but I guess you folks will have to excuse me till after the war and I will make amends if possible,

Letter to Mother

August 9, 1916

I did get back until 5 P.M. Sat. in a big rain I think I told or did I write since. We are leaving hear tomorrow after noon or about noon every thing is packed and lots of it loaded in the transport car

Letter to Teddy from London, England

August 16, 1916

We are out just about 3 days it will be in an other few min. and the weather is foggy today we can not see the next boat behind use it is about half mile away and I did not go forward to see if we could see the one ahead the same distance.

Letter to Mother from Ireland

August 23, 1916

We are running along the coast of Ireland out about 10 miles I think but we were close enough a while ago to see how nice and trim the farms were kept and we saw the long winding roads up the high hill side that extend up from the sea.

Letter to Mother

August 29, 1916

Inclosed is a maple lead picked on the north side of Lake Superior Ont. A Holly leaf picked on yesterdays marsh.

Letter to Mother

August 30, 1916

It stoped raining this a.m. for a while and it looks as tho the sun would shine in a little while.

Letter to Ted

September 1, 1916

You are next for a letter I would go to bed but the boys are a little [goged???] to night and they are having some fun so I wont go to bed till the rest go.

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